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Overcome bad spending habits by monitoring your expenses

Andrew & Leanne
Andrew & Leanne

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It's amazing to learn how much money is spent without realising it, all which can help pay off your bad debts

We would like to recommend Phil as a financial advisor and also advocate his methods for budgeting. Leanne and I were in a reasonable amount of debt, primarily our mortgages, before consulting Phil. In approximately six years we have substantially reduced our mortgages and managed to save a fair amount as well. We will hopefully have paid off our significant bad debt within three to four years, all thanks to Phil.

Phil's method is a lot like dieting. It is a big change in your habits and there are times that you do feel like cheating the system. However, with Phil's plan you are able to "treat" yourself occasionally to stop the desire to binge and cheat, and it is up to you how much this works for you! Believe us when we say: The loss [of the bad debts] is worth the minor inconvenience of data entry. As stated below, this is even easier with Grandma's Jars application.

We would highly recommend utilising Phil to assist in your budget. It's amazing to learn how much money is spent without realising it, all which can help pay off your bad debt(s).

In addition, Phil has spent many years in perfecting the online budgeting system called Grandma's jars, in honour of his grandmother's budgeting system of using physical jars. This is where [we believe] he got the initial idea for the budgeting methodology. The benefit of Grandma's jars is that it can be done from anywhere at anytime as befits a genuine cloud tool. While we prefer to perform the final checks at home, it is very convenient to use the smart phone/tablet applications which enable you to enter data about money when you spend it.

It's amazing how much control over your money you actually have, once you discover your bad habits. This discovery is easy with Grandma's Jars through all the summaries and reports that you are able to track your income and outgoings with this tool.

Andrew and Leanne