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Building savings and being debt free is the way to be, for Aimee & Shea

aimee & shea
Aimee & Shea

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We are now completely debt free ... and are building substantial savings …

Over the years, my partner and I found ourselves getting further and further into debt. No matter how many times we tried to set up, what we thought, were easy to follow budgets, we always ran out of money and barely made ends meet. We struggled to pay the bills on time and the dream of owning a home for our family started to feel like just that, a dream.

Not only was this a daily struggle, it was also affecting our relationship and taking a toll on our health and wellbeing. The constant struggle left us feeling hopeless. There was no spare money to spend on our children or in our savings account.

We were introduced to Phil, and from the initial meeting, he filled us with confidence that all was not lost, and that with some simple budgeting conventions, we could move in a positive direction with our finances. We instantly felt comfortable with Phil and knew we could be honest with any concerns.

Phil has taught us effective and easy ways to budget and save. We are now completely debt free, a day we did not think we would see, and are building substantial savings and are heading towards great financial goals. Not only are we confident that our dream home is now in reach, we are enjoying watching our savings grow. And knowing that there is actually money available for ‘a rainy day’ fills us with a sense of ease and confidence that we are doing something right for our family’s future.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!